Personal Emergency Response System



  • Personal Help Button wrist band or necklace
  • 2-way voice communication with base unit
  • Smallest waterproof button in the industry
  • Button range 600-1000 feet
  • EMD qualified response center attendants
  • Unit signal is tested monthly
  • The Base Unit has a back-up battery that provides power for up to 80 hours

Additional Options

  • Free monitoring for spouse with purchase of an additional Personal Help Button
  • Cellular medical alert system available
  • Kay safe available
  • Local delivery and set up available
  • Monitored medication dispenser with reminder system available

Easy to Use

  • Complete an emergency contact list and health history
  • The Medical Alert System plugs into an AC wall outlet for easy setup

How does it work?

  1. Push the Personal Help Button.
  2. A reassuring voice will answer your call, access your personal profile, and verify your emergency.
  3. Family, friends, or your local 911 emergency services will be contacted.

3 Components

  1. The Personal Help Button - A waterproof button that is worn around the neck or wrist at all times. Simply Push the button in an emergency. 
  2. The Bass Unit - The unit is activated once the button is pressed. It will be a source for 2-way communication with the Emergency Response Center.
  3. The Emergency Response Center - A qualified response center attendant will speak over the unit to ask if help is needed. 


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