Bathroom Safety

Raised Toilet Seats


We offer raised toilet seats with arms and without arms that fit round and elongated toilet bowls.

Toilet Safety Frames


Our toilet safety frame is free standing around toilet, fits standard and elongated toilets, comes with padded armrests for comfort and a magazine rack for convenience. 

Shower Chairs


Our shower chairs can come with a back, without a back, flat seat, cross bar frame for added weight capacity, and more!

Shower Stools


Have a smaller shower? Come check out our shower stools. 

Transfer Tub Benches


We have a range of transfer tub benches that include padded, non-padded, and 6-legs for added weight capacity. 

Hand Held Showers


Our hand held showers come with a diverter that allows you to use your shower head or change it to the shower wand.