Why it is Important to Keep Oklahoma Medicaid in Oklahoma


         With all of the  uncertainty in the DME industry, there has been an increase in the number of  manufacturers and out-of-state providers participating in Oklahoma Medicaid  programs. These providers are positioning themselves to clinch your business by  obtaining provider numbers to bill Oklahoma Medicaid and the various waiver  programs (programs funded by your tax dollars) for their products.  Typically, these out-of-state entities send the payments they receive back to  their headquarters, not in Oklahoma, and do not invest it back into the local  economy.  Local businesses  can provide the exact same service, many times at lower cost than that of an  out-of-state company or provider. iMed Supply is a family owned, Oklahoma based  business, and we understand the importance of keeping business local. We realize  that Oklahoma Medicaid and the various waiver programs are funded by your tax  dollars. That is why iMed Supply continually evaluates our operations to provide  the most efficient services and quality products. We are invested in our  community and the State of Oklahoma! 


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